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Mindfulness for Schools - Children

At Rachel Ashcroft Mindfulness, we understand that each school is as different and unique as the children within it! For this reason, we strive to flexibly deliver fun, engaging and informative workshops, lovingly tailored to all Key Stages by former school teacher, Rachel Ashcroft, to;

  • increase resilience
  • boost confidence and self-esteem
  • show how it is possible to turn down the ‘mind chatter’ and live more fully in the present moment
  • teach about Emotional Intelligence
  • teach instantly implementable techniques for stress reduction and anxiety management
  • develop a growth mindset.

Each session can be tailored to meet the needs of your children within school and differentiated across all key stages. 

As a qualified teacher myself, I understand the pressures that go with every day teaching and the effect that this can have on health and wellbeing. 

Helping children and teachers to embrace mindfulness is not only a rewarding experience but means our young people, and those that support them, have the best chance for a happy, positive and fulfilling life.

Rachel Ashcroft

Here are some benefits to mindfulness for children

helps to discourage distractions

promotes patience

staying calm

can improve grades

increases self-esteem

increases compassion

improve cognitive control

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Key stage workshops

At Rachel Ashcroft Mindfulness, we understand that each school is different and unique. For this reason, we strive to flexibly deliver fun, engaging and informative workshops for all Key Stages to teach life skills in resilience, to boost self-esteem, develop a growth mindset and teach techniques for anxiety management.

We understand how precious time is within school and work to fit seamlessly into your busy day, working around core curriculum lessons. Each session is bespoke and can be tailored to meet the needs of your school and differentiated across all key stages. 

What we offer

Key Stage 1

This workshop is designed to introduce Children in KS1 to mindfulness through a series of short burst activities, games and child friendly meditations. Children will be encouraged to tap into their calmer self and try to make sense of new feelings and emotions. Children will be introduced to tools they can use to help them calm the ‘fire in their tummies’ and understand their feelings.

Key Stage 2

With a focus on remaining calm on the run up and during exam time (ideal for years 5 and 6). This workshop will guide the children through short meditations, discussion and fun interactive games and songs to help them to live in the moment, recognise the onset of any feelings of anxiety and how to manage these.

Children will be motivated and given a good dose of positivity and encouragement!

Key Stage 3

This workshop is designed to help students who are finding the pressures of Secondary School life a little overwhelming. Balancing coursework, studying for exams and dealing with adolescent changes can cause immense stress and pressure for teenagers. The students work closely with Rachel to learn methods of stress management, mindful meditation and relaxation.

Small groups/weekly sessions are advised for KS3 for the best results.

School Assembly Talks

Motivational Assemblies on a range of topics, such as;

 Reducing Stress and Anxiety

 Self-belief and Motivation. 

 Self-Love and Self-Care

 How to keep calm and collected in a busy world/stress management

Mindfulness for Schools - Teachers

‘Mindful Teacher, Mindful Child’ Teacher Training

As Rachel Ashcroft is a qualified teacher, she understands the various pressures and demands that go with teaching and the effect this can have on the health and wellbeing of teachers and support staff.

Our 'Mindful Teacher, Mindful Child' training sessions will involve an explanation of why we need to act NOW, the proven benefits of mindfulness intervention and practical mindfulness tools and techniques to use yourself and with your class; to create a calmer learning environment where children can express themselves in a more mindful way. Sessions from as early as EYFS.

Teacher Training and workshops can be delivered both in person and online. Contact for more information and a tailored quote.

  • Learn how to manage stress and reduce anxiety

  • Increase productivity and manage your workload

  • Understand how our brain can work for and against us

  • How to teach daily mindfulness to children

  • Use Mindfulness to teach the children resilience and boost confidence and self-esteem

  • Ongoing practice

Teacher teaching a group of children maths on abacus.
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Mindfulness for Parents

Nothing has tested parents quite like it has during the ‘homeschooling’ period of 2020/21. 

Rachel has had the privilege of supporting many parents both before and during lockdown to better cope with the pressures of life, helping them to lower stress and anxiety, to turn down the ‘mind chatter’ and most importantly, support their own well-being to enable them to best support their little ones and teens at home.

Contact Rachel to see how she can support you as a parent, or the parents within your school community.

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Testimonials from schools we've worked with

Working with schools is a core part of what we do. Rachel has a passion for working with children, teachers and older students. Each school we work with is another opportunity for us to positively impact on a student or teachers life and wellbeing and that's what we're all about! Read some testimonials from some of our happy clients here.

Remember, thoughts are not things. You can't pick up a thought, it's just in your mind. Once you realise you have control over your thoughts, you learn to manage and balance them to benefit you and your life

Rachel Ashcroft

Rachel Ashcroft was highly recommended to me as someone who could provide our students with regular mindfulness/meditation sessions. She has now been delivering for us since the start of academic year 2019-20, and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Her engagement with our students, from across all levels, undergraduate to post graduate, is a sheer delight to observe: her communication skills are second to none. It is clear from the sessions themselves that she makes students- and indeed staff participants- feel comfortable, at ease and 'safe'; indeed, Rachel exudes warmth and calm.

She is imaginative in her approach, as well as highly empathetic. Rachel is also prepared to go above and beyond to support the students outside the formal class: she has set up and maintains an online forum for us, enabling members of the group to stay in contact and, indeed, feel supported between weekly sessions.

Dr Shirley Thompson, Vice Principle (Music), Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, Birmingham City University.

All Year 6 teachers and Headteachers know how some children will feel anxiety as they approach SATs. We all put in place opportunities to reassure but nothing we have done compares to the "mindfulness" sessions completed with Rachel Ashcroft.  There is a visible uplift in the children's confidence born out of their genuine self-belief. They also have a wealth of strategies for dealing with stressful situations from instant breathing techniques to deep, contemplative meditation - skills that will provide them with inner strength well beyond SATs week. We are all most grateful for Rachel for this work with our children.

E. Regan, Headteacher, Great Bridge Primary School, West Midlands

What a wonderful day with Rachel. Our Year 6 will really benefit from the workshops and so will the staff here at QEGS. Fun, informative, relaxing and engaging

Mrs. T Robertson, Queen Elizabeths Grammar School (QEGS), Blackburn

We were thrilled to welcome Rachel to our school and the morning was a huge success. She taught us different ways to keep calm and appreciate the beautiful world we live in!"

Miss C Halstead, Head Teacher of ST. Mary's RC Primary school, Sabden

 Following a Ofsted inspection at Great Bridge School, Ofsted provided the following quote in their report of the school, based on the observations that they made. The school have implemented school-wide changes taken from the Colour Your World training they received several weeks prior to their Ofsted inspection, to improve overall staff and child wellbeing, self-confidence and resilience. We are grateful to the school for sharing this direct quote from their report in relation to the service we provided in September 2018- CYW]

“….there is an ethos of care and mutual respect and a very positive learning environment. Pupils demonstrate self-confidence and a love of learning.” 

Ofsted, December 2018

Mindfulness for adults

We offer mindfulness sessions for individuals and groups outside of schools as well. So if you're looking for a more personal service or even would like support in the workplace, we're here to help!

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