Mindfulness for Teens 4-Week Programme- (Ages 13-17) - 9/08/21

09aug6:00 pm7:00 pmMindfulness for Teens 4-Week Programme- (Ages 13-17) - 9/08/21Mindfulness for Teenagers

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This programme will run on a weekly basis, once a week for 1 hour.

Dates and times: 9/8/21, 16/8/21, 23/8/21, 30/8/21. Each session starts at 6pm until 7pm.

Mindfulness is about bringing ourselves into the present moment, through repeated practise over a period of time. A little like learning a new instrument for the first time, mindfulness takes consistent practise and requires a daily commitment of just a few minutes per day to really start to notice the benefits. During our time together, I will share the importance of making a little time to be mindful each day and how this can be done in simple, manageable ways… that are fun, engaging, interactive and relevant to the world of a teen.

Some of the proven benefits of mindfulness include;

  • A reduction in stress and anxiety
  • Enhanced focus and concentration
  • An increase in self-esteem and confidence
  • Better quality of sleep
  • An ability to connect with the self and our environment with an awareness and appreciation of the beauty in the everyday.

The work that we do will be gentle and I will allow plenty of time for participants to ask questions and to share their experience as we move through each session. Although I have a plan for each week, the sessions are very flexible and aim to meet the needs of the group in that particular moment. It is important to me that I hold a space and adapt where needed based on what may arise.

Mindful Movement
We will be doing a little mindful movement together. This is very gentle and most importantly, should only ever be done within the participant’s comfort zone (no one will be forced to do anything they don’t want to). It is not a competition, but simply a gentle connecting with body, breath and mind in small ways. Participants may want to wear something they can easily move in.


Meditation is a wonderful way of connecting with the self and creating a little ‘space’ in the mind. The meditation within these sessions will be fairly brief (around 10 or so minutes at the start or end of a session). Please note that whilst meditation is used within some religions such as Buddhism, it is not specifically a religious tool or form of prayer. We will simply be connecting with our breath and body during this time and paying attention to what our experience in the moment is.

The end of each session

I will spend the first 45 minutes of the session leading mindfulness with the teen group. The final 15 minutes are for you as the parent or guardian to jump on and ask any questions you may have and discuss ways in which you can support them with their home practice over the next few days until the next session (unfortunately, due to time restrictions and out of respect and confidentiality of the group, this is not a space to ask individualised questions about your child which may require an action plan, however, I do offer consultations if this is what you feel you would like).

Although the first 45 minutes of the session will be spent with myself and the teenage participants, your presence in the room is required throughout the session, as anyone under the age of 18 is classed as a ‘child’ by law, and as such appropriate safeguarding measures need to be in place. You need to be in earshot at all times.

Your involvement

It is important that you stay in the room throughout the session. This ensures the safety of the participant and also that of my own. You will be invited to join the call for the last 15 minutes to ‘catch up’ with what we have done and how you can support ongoing, however, this is optional and I appreciate this may not always be possible.

About Rachel Ashcroft

Rachel is an experienced mindfulness and meditation teacher, NLP Coach and Mindfulness Trainer at the UK College of Mindfulness Meditation. Rachel is also a former school teacher and works up and down the country to support children, teens, teachers and parents with their wellbeing, as well as being a regular mindfulness facilitator at her local University, supporting students and staff.

Rachel is fully insured, holds an Enhanced DBS certificate and is registered with the ICO.



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